Simple, Fast, Affordable, Web Development.

The Process

Step 1:

We help you determine what type of website and features you need.

We understand your goals and objectives for having a website.

We decide on a basic color scheme and layout.

Because our process is so standardized, at this point we can tell you exactly how much it will cost to build the site and provide you with a list of assets we'll need to complete the project.

This allows us to spend our time on providing each client with a truly custom website that serves their needs and meets objectives.

Getting Started

Step 2:

After we define the basic feature set for the website, we will respond promptly with an estimated price based on the information you provided. If you like the price, we'll send you a list of content items to provide so you can get started right away!

If you decide to add features, more pages or content items later that's easy to do!

Once your site is built we give you all the files so you can take it and do as you like with it. If you don't want to manage your site, the overall hourly rate you pay for updates is usually less than 30% of what you paid to have the site developed by us, another key benefit. You can always choose that as an option when necessary. There are no monthly fees. if you don't need changes you pay nothing!

Our Secret Weapon

Because we determine each aspect of the project in advance, we can generate an itemized list of everything you will have to provide in order for us to build the site before we ever begin!

This list includes all the items you'll need to provide including a list of images, sizes and formats, color choices, links, blocks of text, embed codes, taglines, etc. We tell you everything you need to provide based on the design you choose and we'll tell you how to provide it to us.

All you have to do is go through the list we provide and put everything together.

We cannot guarantee development times or maintain low rates if we don't have every asset we need before we begin developing. Because of this, we don't start development until you have assembled all of the assets necessary. If there is an item on the list you would rather pay to have created, we can provide copy writing, graphic design, logo creation and other common creative services for an additional fee.

Once we have all of the assets for the site assembled we'll begin development immediately.

Once we begin development the first thing you will receive is a mockup based on the color scheme, layout choices and the information you decided on before we began. Think of this as a first draft for review before the site is finalized. It's not unusual for you to want to make some adjustments once you see the site assembled online. Once you sign off on the draft version we'll finalize the site and deliver it to you ready to upload to your host in no time!

Fast Painless Web Development

At FRNDLI we consider it a core part of the process to inform our clients about what's going to happen well before it ever happens. We place a high premium on thorough planning and excellent communication with our clients at every stage of the process.

We've come to realize over decades of development that there are a core set of features that most websites use. Every informational website uses some variation of this core feature set.

Based on this realization we designed an internal software suite that can quickly generate all of these feature sets very rapidly. This includes things like slideshows, background images, contact forms, and maps, basically anything a typical website might require.

This process is not completely automated, every page of your site still receives the personal touch of a developer, the system allows us to reduce the time involved dramatically in creating the framework of the site which translates directly into affordable pricing for our services!

The end result is a highly streamlined development process that allows us to produce modern, high quality websites, quickly, reliably and affordably.

We also created a way to manage these sites so that things like content updates can be done with ease! This translates into a simple and affordable option for our clients to have us maintain the site for them after it's built.